29 May 2015
by Philip Layton


Christian leaders met to discuss the terms for Gentile membership 

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Discussion Questions

  • The author of Acts includes himself in Paul’s travels (v 10). Did he join the journey at Troas perhaps?
  • What are your thoughts on the simplicity and joy of the gospel (vv 31-34)?

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life'

Following the Council at Jerusalem, where various issues were presented to the Mother Church, Paul and Silas were sent out on a second missionary journey. They came to Lystra, where Timothy lived. It would appear that Timothy was already a Christian – perhaps Paul had led him to Christ during his previous visit (see Acts 14:6-20). The apostle invited Timothy to be part of his team.

Paul believed in apprenticeship, or mentorship. Just as Christ hand-picked 12 men to be with him and to follow him, and as Barnabas was training young John Mark (15:37), Paul sought to apprentice many followers in how to most effectively spread the news of Jesus Christ to others. Young Timothy was among them.

Are we training others in outreach, evangelism, visitation, discipleship?

For when we apprentice others, it has a ripple effect. Author Ruth Barton writes: ‘Jesus himself, when he was here on this earth to do God’s will, did not create a high-powered team to get the job done…He chose a few individuals “whom he wanted”, the Scriptures say (Mark 3:13), and he chose them first and foremost to be with him and, by virtue of their relationship with him, to be present with each other. Out of that togetherness and without much of a strategy, they changed the world.’

Apprenticeship should come naturally, encouraging others to be part of our team – to guide, direct, influence. And, with the help of the Holy Spirit, together we can change the world!


Lord, I ask that you lead me to people I can influence in the spiritual journey of life. I need your gentle Holy Spirit to guide me. Then, they will in turn – and by your Spirit – be able to apprentice others.

Beverly Ivany

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