Children's Challenge2–8 November 2015

The story so far

We now move on to a book called James—this is a book that is written by James, a brother of Jesus and a leader of the church at Jerusalem. He wrote this book to Christians that had been scattered throughout a large area in the Mediterranean because of people who were against followers of Jesus. They were being treated very badly and so scattered far and wide to protect themselves. 

James wrote this book to teach these followers of Jesus that ‘real’ faith can make a huge difference in how people live, think, speak and behave. The passage we are going to look at challenges us about the words we speak and the power they have to either build someone up or do great damage. I wonder how you might use your words...

What do I read

James 3:1–12 

What do I think say or create

This passage is a great reminder for us about the words we use every day. Are they building someone up, encouraging them and showing love, or are they causing someone to feel hurt or upset, even doing damage to someone else.

Go outside and find a small hill or incline that you can roll something – such as a stone or ball – down.
Think about the words that you speak – once they are spoken you cannot take them back. It’s a bit like the stone or ball that you roll down the hill – once it starts, it is hard to stop.
Take the rock or ball and place it next to your bed this week as a reminder to think carefully about the words that you use. You might even like to read the letter from James again.