Children's Challenge27 April–3 May 2015

The story so far

Jesus starts to prepare his disciples for the time he will no longer be with them. He teaches that he and God are one—that’s right, connected as one being—and he also taught them that being his friend is the only way to connect to the Father God. We mentioned that Jesus was letting people know he was not going to be around much longer but then he comforts them by promising to send the Holy Spirit as a helper and comforter after he is gone.

Jesus teaches something very important: that because he, Jesus, is the only way to the Father, it is really important to stay connected to Jesus, like a branch is connected to a vine. Let’s have a look to see how he communicated this.

What do I read

John 15:1–17 

What do I think say or create

What happens to a branch if it isn’t connected to the vine? What do you think might happen to our faith if we don’t stay connected to Jesus? There are many different ways we can stay connected or tuned in to Jesus, including talking to him through prayer, reading the Bible, spending time with people who love Jesus and care about us, listening to someone teach about Jesus’ life, helping others, listening to music, spending time outside in God’s creation, and reading books about Jesus’ life and teaching.

Include some of the above in your week. Be specific about a time and place – it will help you remember to do it! Share with someone else how you like to stay connected with Jesus.