Children's Challenge13–19 April 2015

The story so far

As we look at the stories of Jesus’ teaching, miracles and encounters with people in the gospel of John we see that many people’s lives were changed and impacted by coming into contact with Jesus. Jesus connected with, loved and included many people who were not always seen as the ones you would want to be friends with. Others who were watching Jesus connect with those considered outcasts were also changed by how Jesus behaved, the way he included others, the words he said and the challenges that were given.

Jesus showed the authority and power that had been given to him by God through the things that he did, the miracles that he performed and the way he changed people’s lives. The next story is one that is recorded in all four gospels so it must have made a big impact on those watching on and travelling with Jesus. I wonder how you might have felt if you were there when this happened..

What do I read

John 6:1-15 

What do I think say or create

Bread and fish

The boy in the reading today was willing to share what he had to make a difference for others. He might have thought that it was only something small and not important but God was able to use this in a BIG way. We all have gifts, talents, abilities and passions that God has provided us with.  Are you willing to share these with God and others to make a difference?

  • Draw an outline of a whole person and decorate the face to make it look like you.
  • Inside the outline of the person that you have drawn, write or draw all the things that God has given you that you might be able to share or give to help make a difference for others.
  • Pray throughout the week about how you might be able to use these gifts, talents, attitudes and so on