Children's Challenge15–21 June 2015

The story so far

Well, Paul certainly did lots of travelling and sharing with others about the message of Jesus. Paul and others were travelling around and starting churches and groups of those who were following Jesus. Paul then got caught up in the trial and being in jail but thought that he should check back with the churches to see how they were progressing. So he wrote some letters, some to churches and some to individuals to see how things were, let them know that he was thinking about them and also to give some teaching and direction.

We have finished the book of Acts and move on to the book of Romans. Romans is one of the letters I mentioned and is written to the people in the church at Rome. The passage we are going to look at, from the very first chapter, is how many of the letters were started—with a lovely greeting and encouragement…let’s have a look.

What do I read

Romans 1:1–17 

What do I think say or create

Letters are a wonderful way to communicate. How do you feel when you receive a letter, especially from someone that you care about and have not seen for a while?

Write a letter to someone you care about and have not seen recently.
Reread the Bible passage and see if you can include some of the things that Paul has mentioned.

Include a greeting, an encouragement or the things you love or appreciate about that person, and then share something about God with them