Children's Challenge4–10 May 2015

The story so far

We have just finished reading through the four gospels—the books about Jesus’ life written by four people who spent time with Jesus. Next, we are going to be looking at the rest of the New Testament starting with the book of Acts. Acts tells us lots of cool stories about what those who followed Jesus did after he left them and went to heaven, how the message of Jesus spread and how the church began in lots of different places.

The very beginning of Acts tells about the last day Jesus was with his disciples before he went up to Heaven in a bunch of clouds. He tells them to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit to come. I wonder if they really knew what they were waiting for, let’s see what happened.

What do I read

Acts 1:1-11 

What do I think say or create


How might the disciples have felt after Jesus had gone?

Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit meant that the disciples would not be alone. God’s Spirit would always be with them to comfort and encourage them. We can ask God’s Spirit to be with us as well, comforting us when we are sad, helping us make wise choices, giving us courage when we are afraid, and in lots of other ways too.

In what sort of situations might you ask for the Holy Spirit’s help?
During the week, be aware of when you would like to ask the Holy Spirit to help, support or comfort you. You might like to write this down in a simple prayer.