Children's Challenge14–20 September 2015

The story so far

Well, we are moving on from the letter Paul wrote to the Philippians to the letter he wrote to the church in Colosse, this letter is known as Colossians. Paul wrote this letter to the church there to challenge them about what they were doing with their faith and their understanding of Jesus. They were taking what they had learnt and knew about Jesus and blending it together with some of their old practices not based on Jesus’ teaching but on other religious practices, as well as on beliefs that were popular among other people at that time. Paul wanted to remind them that they needed to focus on what they knew about Jesus and that all they needed would be found in him.

In the passage we are going to look at, we see exactly what Paul was trying to reinforce with the Colossians—that they needed to fill their lives completely with the message of Jesus and not a whole mixed up bunch of other things. Let’s have a look.

What do I read

Colossians 3:12–17 

What do I think say or create

There are some really important instructions in this passage – so much information about how to live together and treat each other. This becomes easier when we have Jesus filling us fully, totally, right up to the top! There are many words in this passage that describe how we should think, speak and behave. Can you highlight some of them? All these words and ideas take us back to love.

Write the word ‘love’ down the left-hand side of a sheet of paper.
Choose a word, write a sentence or draw a picture that starts with each of the letters making up the word ‘love’. Include things that might remind you of what love looks like and how Paul encourages us to treat others.