Children's Challenge23–29 March 2015

The story so far

As Jesus’ story continues through the Gospel of Luke, we are working our way through some really important teaching. Passages that talk about worry and treasures in heaven, having faith as small as a mustard seed and being salt and light to those around us. You might like to explore some of these passages in Luke.


The three passages that are outlined today all focus on things that were lost: a lost sheep, a lost coin and two sons that had lost their way. You might like to choose just one of the passages or read all three as they connect nicely together.

What do I read

Luke 15:1–7 One sheep

Luke 15:8–10 One coin

Luke 15:11–32 Two sons

What do I think say or create

Wordle - Kingdom of God

The lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost sons remind us that God and heaven celebrate greatly when someone chooses to become a follower of Jesus.

Find a small box or container that you can gather some things in to help you reflect and pray this week.
Search — like those in the Bible verses — for some items, eg a cotton wool ball or some wool to represent a sheep, a coin or small pebble to represent the coin, and two twigs, ice-lolly sticks or pipe cleaners to represent the sons.
Each day choose a different item, reflect on the verses that match that item and pray for someone you would like to see become a follower of Jesus.