Children's Challenge3–9 August 2015

The story so far

Well, Paul must have had lots to say to the church at Corinth because he didn’t only write one letter but two, so we have moved from the letter called 1 Corinthians to 2 Corinthians. This letter, like 1 Corinthians, was also written to challenge believers to live for Christ, but it was also to remind them that when they are teaching and sharing about Jesus, that they needed to share the truth. There were people who were teaching things that were false about Jesus and what that meant for them in how to live as one of Jesus’ followers.

One of the areas that Paul was challenging the followers at Corinth about was not to be ‘big headed’ or brag about themselves or what they could do. Paul wanted them to remember that Jesus is the one that has made the sacrifice so that we can be made clean and new, and that God’s power is power that transforms.

What do I read

2 Corinthians 5:11–21 

What do I think say or create

Look at verse 17 and read it a couple of times. Wow, isn’t it amazing that because of Jesus we get to be a new person or, as some translations say, a ‘new creation’?

  • With some clay, plasticine, play dough or other sort of modelling clay, create yourself as a ‘new creation’.
  • Place your model somewhere to remind you that because Jesus died for us we are made clean and new – that’s right, a new creation!