Children's Challenge6–12 April 2015

The story so far

Jesus faced all sorts of tricky questions from people who were trying to get him in to trouble, but he answered their questions so well that they were scared to ask him more. Such a big crowd was following Jesus that the men who were plotting against him couldn’t get anywhere near him. So instead, they made a plan with Judas—one of Jesus’ disciples—to lead them to Jesus and arrest him when no one else was around.

The Passover is a Jewish festival where the Israelites remember how God had rescued them out of Egypt. All sorts of special preparations need to take place before the Passover feast and celebrations, so Jesus sent Peter and John to get things ready.

What do I read

Luke 22:7–23 

What do I think say or create

Last Supper

This was the last special meal Jesus had with his disciples and he had some important things to share with them. Jesus wanted his disciples to know that the sacrifice he was about to make for them, on the cross, was so that we can all be friends and connected with God.

  • Think about the times you share meals with others. What might you do together at those meals to remember what Jesus has done for you?
  • During the week, choose a meal and volunteer to say a special prayer after you have finished, remembering all that Jesus has done for you. ‘I am thankful for this meal and that Jesus…’