Children's Challenge1–7 June 2015

The story so far

As we read through Acts, you will notice that the apostles travelled to lots of different places preaching the Good News about Jesus wherever they went. Remember, they didn’t have cars or bikes or planes to get them quickly from place to place—sometimes they would travel by boat but most of the time they walked. Some Bibles have maps on the last few pages. These are useful in helping us to understand all the different places are that they went on their journeys. You might like to see if you can find some of the towns and cities visited by the disciples in the back of your Bible.

One of the places visited by Paul was a city called Athens. The people there worshipped a lot of different idols—or false gods—not our one true God. Paul wanted to share with them about the true God, I wonder how he started the conversation…let’s have a look.

What do I read

Acts 17:16–34 

What do I think say or create

Paul was clever, wasn’t he? He didn’t tell the people of Athens they were wrong or silly for worshipping idols – that would just make them cross. Instead, Paul connected what he knew about God with something familiar to the Athenians – their unknown God. Because of this the people were interested and listened to what Paul had to say. Some of them even started following Jesus. Share together in your family, small group or with someone else:

  • Talk about some of the different ways we can learn about Jesus. List your favourite ways to learn more about him.
  • Think about someone you know who might not know much about Jesus. What would sharing Jesus with them look like? Do you think it would be the same or different to how you learned about Jesus?