Children's Challenge9–15 November 2015

The story so far

James finishes his letter by talking about the power of prayer. We can pray when we are sick, sad, happy, worried or when we have made wrong choices, or we can pray for other people. Prayer is helpful in all situations, anywhere and for all times!

Peter wrote some letters, three in total, of encouragement and instruction to Christians scattered in places like Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia—you might like to look up the maps at the back of your Bible to see where some of these places are. In his first letter, he talks about the holiness of God and how we can choose to live a holy life.

What do I read

1 Peter 1:13–25 

What do I think say or create

Over and over again in the New Testament we are told to love God and love others. Here we are told to keep on loving with all our hearts. This means we need to love God and others with all our energy and with everything we have and to never give up. Sometimes that sounds like an impossible task, but God can help us. God is love and we can ask him to make us more like him every day. This week, set aside sometime each day when you can pray that God will help you to love him more and to show more love to others. Try to do this at the same time every day so it becomes easy to remember.