Children's Challenge14–20 December 2015

The story so far

In the book of Revelation, as we explored last time, there are many messages from God that have come through the visions he has given to John to share with believers. There were specific messages to seven churches about particular issues and then there was a scroll (rolled up letter) that was closed with seven seals (this was hot wax that had been printed with the writer’s mark on it that kept the letter rolled up until delivered and read). This scroll with the seven seals was only able to be opened by one who was worthy: yep, you guessed it, Jesus.

After each of the seals had been opened on the scroll, there was silence in heaven for a short time. Then seven angels with seven trumpets prepared to blow a mighty blast. After each trumpet sounded, different events happened. We are going to look at the passage that looks at the seventh trumpet and what happened next.

What do I read

Revelation 11:15–19 

What do I think say or create

Who does the kingdom of this world belong to? Yes: Jesus – and he will rule for ever and ever! How fantastic is that? This passage reminds us of that but also looks at the end of the world – when Jesus is back in charge – and how there will be a time of judgement. Have you been judged for something you have done – perhaps a sport that you play, something you have created, or a test or challenge you have completed? There will be certain guidelines to be met in order to complete a specific task or challenge, and you will be judged on them. When we are followers of Jesus, there are certain guidelines that God wants us to follow in how we think, speak, act and connect with him. One day we will be judged on them.

  • Look at Matthew 25:31-46, which gives a good picture of what this might look like.
  • Don’t forget that Jesus is in charge and will rule for ever and ever!