Children's Challenge2–8 March 2015

The story so far

You will notice as you read the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) that they sometimes have the same stories in them. Some parts of the story of Jesus may be the same, some parts will offer different information and some may not include everything we read in the other Gospels. Although the Gospels are written by different people with different points of view, they all want to share the amazing story of Jesus’ life and all the cool things he did. So today we are going to look at a different part of the Christmas story.. 

There are lots of angels in the Christmas story; God sent them to tell people important things that were happening. Before Jesus was born, God sent the angel Gabriel to share some important news with Mary. 

What do I read

Luke 1:26-38 


What do I think say or create


Mary trusted God even though she didn’t really understand how such an amazing thing could happen. Through many passages in the Bible, God shows us the best way for us to live—following and listening to his teaching and trusting him is an important part of this. There are times, though, when this can be hard to do.

  • Think about a time when you have found it hard to follow and listen to God’s teaching and trust what is being said. Why did you find that difficult?
  • Spend some time praying about this, asking God to help you listen to Him and trust Him more.
  • You may like to share this with someone in your family or someone important at church; then they can pray for you, too!