Children's Challenge29 June – 5 July 2015

The story so far

Paul’s letter to the Romans continues with him outlining to them the importance of sharing the message of Jesus with everyone. This good news is not just for the people of Israel but for anyone. The Bible talks about those that are not Jews as being Gentiles, meaning pretty much any people or nations that were not Jewish. The message of Jesus was not only for the Jews but for the Gentiles too—so it’s for everyone!

Paul explores the importance of the message of Jesus being for everyone in the following passage—there are some really great words and phrases in here that will encourage you as you continue to follow Jesus.

What do I read

Romans 10:5–17 and Romans 12:1–2

What do I think say or create

Today’s passage has some really important messages in it for each of us to remember. Read the verses a couple of times.

Highlight or underline the words or phrases that you think are important.
Share the parts that you think are important with someone else in your family or at your church.
Write out one verse that you can decorate and place it somewhere you will see and be reminded of it this week.