Children's Challenge8–14 June 2015

The story so far

Paul continued to preach wherever he went but was starting to make some of the Jews very mad, so mad that they wanted to kill him. Paul was arrested and put on trial. He was in prison for a long time, without ever being found guilty of doing anything wrong.

Paul was finally brought before King Agrippa to defend himself. He talked about the difference that meeting Jesus had made in his life. 

What do I read

Acts 26:1–32 

What do I think say or create

Paul was sharing his testimony with King Agrippa. A testimony is a truthful retelling of something you have experienced; part of your story or journey. People who follow Jesus often tell their testimony, sharing how meeting Jesus has made a difference in their lives. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated – just true. Have a go at writing or drawing your own testimony using the questions below.

  • How did you come to meet or know more about Jesus?
  • How has meeting Jesus changed what you think, say or do? Is it different to before?
  • Share your story with someone. Maybe someone who doesn’t yet know Jesus.