Children's Challenge23–28 February 2015

The story so far

The gospel of Mark includes lots of accounts of Jesus teaching and healing and also his conversations with people. This week the adults will have been reading all about Jesus feeding 4,000 people; healing a blind man at Bethsaida; healing a boy; blessing some little children; in the temple and so much more. You might like to ask them some questions about what they thought of all that Jesus was doing and saying. 

Jesus had many conversations with people. Sometimes they would be people that others did not expect Jesus to talk to and sometimes they would be people with authority and power and also those that served in the church. The reading today comes from a heated conversation that Jesus had with some of these people and, at the end, includes some very important points that we all, as followers of Jesus, should know and understand.

What do I read

Mark 12:28-31

What do I think say or create

Wordle - Kingdom of God

If Jesus tells us that these are the first and second most important commandments, then we need to read, memorise, know and understand what is highlighted in those verses.

To help you remember these commands and have them in your heart always:

  • Read the passage a couple of times.
  • Write the commandments out in special, fancy writing. Decorate these verses and display them somewhere where you will remember to read them during the week.
  • Practise saying them without looking and say them to others in your family.

Word cloud: