Children's Challenge2–8 February 2015

The story so far

In the years Jesus was teaching, He travelled around to a lot of different places. We read about how Jesus travelled into Jerusalem—a very important Jewish city—where he was welcomed by the crowd. Jesus became very angry when he went into the temple and saw all the people buying and selling things. He said that God’s house should be for people to talk to and be with God, not for making money. 

Jesus told more parables and they were starting to make some powerful people very upset. They couldn’t understand that Jesus was God’s son and soon they were plotting together to kill Him.

What do I read

Matthew 22:1–14 

What do I think say or create

Food distribution to Burmese community

In this parable Jesus describes the kingdom of heaven as a place where everyone is invited, even the poor, the sick and the homeless. That is good news! Everyone can be a part of God’s Kingdom.

This week:

Help plan and prepare a meal with your family. While you are doing this think about someone you know who needs to be invited into God’s kingdom. Pray for them while you prepare.

As a family you may even be able to invite this person to come to share dinner with you.

Why not ask a parent/carer to share a photo of your meal preparation - we'd love to see what you make! Ask them to use the #BoundlessBible hashtag on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Bernd Friedrich