9–115 March 2015

Read: Luke 2:8-21

Playdough (courtesy of Don LaVange)

The shepherds

Meeting Jesus was a big deal for the shepherds. Can you remember what they did and said after they met him? You might like to go back and check this out again in the Bible passage. Meeting Jesus and being his friend forever should make a big difference in our lives, too. And we can tell others about Jesus, just like the shepherds did. I wonder how you would go about sharing this exciting news with others.

You might like to make a poster about Jesus, write a chant or send a letter.

Ask your parent/guardian to share your pictures via social media (they can use the #boundlessbible hashtag) and we'll share some of the best images here!

'Playing with Playdough' image courtesy of Don LaVange (Creative Commons)

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