Children's Challenge26–31 January 2015

The story so far

Jesus keeps teaching and healing and performing miracles—like the time when he fed 5,000 people with two small fish and five small loaves of bread. Amazing! He also started preparing people for the fact he was going to die soon.

Jesus loves young people just like you and he wanted other people to know how important they were to his Kingdom. He took time to bless them; you should have a look at Matthew 19:13–15 to see what he said and did with the children.

Jesus also taught about a rich young man; this is an important story that helps us to thing about all the things that we love and if they are more important to us than our relationship with God. 

What do I read

Matthew 19:16–30 ‘A rich young man’

What do I think say or create

Crown (Melisande, Creative Commons)Sometimes it can be hard to always remember to put Jesus first in all that we do, so today we are going to create something that might help us to remember.

  • Use a thick strip of paper or card and some glue or staples to make a simple crown. Write Jesus’ name on it and decorate it brightly using anything you like. Here are some ideas: coloured pencils/crayons, glitter, stick-on gems, sequins, stickers etc. (Helpful hint: decorate the crown before you stick it together!)
  • As you make your crown, discuss with your group why you think Jesus is the greatest treasure we can have.
  • Place your crown somewhere you will see it every day to remind you how special Jesus is and that he needs to be number one in our lives.
  • Share your picture with someone, or ask your parent/carer to put it on social media (they can use the #boundlessbible hashtag on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - we'll share a selection on this page!)

Photo courtesy of Mélisande* (Creative Commons licence)