Children's Challenge18–24 May 2015

The story so far

Well, after the Holy Spirit came in an amazing way there were many people added to the number of followers: lots of people, every day. The disciples and followers were being filled with the Holy Spirit and becoming strong, confident and bold in sharing the message of Jesus and how he died and rose again. Followers of Jesus were caring for each other, sharing all they had with each other and meeting together regularly to study the teachings of Jesus.

Even though there were many people choosing to become followers of Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit, there were still those who were threatened by this; they didn’t like what was being said and caused trouble for those who believed. Saul was one of these men who caused lots of trouble for the followers of Jesus as the church grew. He was nasty and unkind—but something amazing happened to him, let’s find out what it was!

What do I read

Acts 9:1-22 

What do I think say or create


Wow! What an amazing change in Saul after he encountered Jesus. He went from being a nasty, horrible person towards the followers of Jesus, to someone who believed in Jesus, preached with power and was totally different – from one thing to the total opposite. The people who knew him were amazed at the change. A little later on, Saul even became known under a different name; Paul.

  • Draw a line down the centre of a large sheet of paper. Draw a person outline on each side of the line, then write ‘Saul’ above the first person and ‘Paul’ above the second person.
  • Decorate the people outlines with words or pictures that show the differences between who Saul was and who he became after connecting with Jesus.
  • Jesus can make a difference in our lives too when we connect with him. How different does your life look because of knowing Jesus.