Children's Challenge31 August – 6 September 2015

The story so far

As we continue with Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus, we see Paul exploring all the things that are important to unity within a group or family. He considers how even though we are all different it is important to still love and care for each other and treat each other with respect—this is important for each of us in relation to our families, our churches, our schools, with our friends and with other groups we might be involved in. Paul is letting us know how important it is for those who love God to love and work well with others.

Paul wants to help the church at Ephesus—and it applies to us today, too—to live a life that reflects our amazing God. ‘Follow God’s example in everything you do, because you are his dear children’, is what he reminds us in chapter five verse one. What a great verse to remind us how to live each day! He also gives us some other great reminders about things we should be looking out for and ways to protect ourselves; have a look now at the whole armour of God.

What do I read

Ephesians 6:1–10 

What do I think say or create

How wonderful to think that the Lord's strength will make us strong and that he has provided us with many resources that will act as armour to protect us and our relationship with him. If you were challenged to create your own armour, what it would look like? Using the image that Paul has created of armour for us, choose one of the following options:

•  Find some pegs, ice lolly sticks or pipe cleaners and create a person. Using some paper, material or scraps of foil or wool, create what you think the person’s armour might look like.

•  Using some modelling clay, plasticine or play dough create a person. Using some extra modelling clay, create what you think the person’s armour might look like.

•  Put your ‘person’ somewhere they can be seen throughout the week and remember what the Lord has given you to make you strong and protect your friendship with him.