Children's Challenge21–27 December 2015

The story so far

Revelation can seem like a confusing and, at times, alarming book to read. But in it there is a story of great hope. Even though there may be times when it seems like evil is very strong, in chapter 12 it tells us that God is stronger than evil and he will defeat it and be in charge. 

We, as followers of Jesus, also have a job to do. We must be obedient and strong in our faith. The message of good news is for everyone, so we should work hard wherever possible to make sure that everyone hears it. Our hard work and committment to getting the message out will be blessed by God.

What do I read

Revelation 16:6–13 

What do I think, say or create

We read in verse 6 of this passage that the good news about Jesus is for every race, tribe, language and nation on earth.

  • Look at a map of the world.
  • Choose some different countries around the world and pray for them.
  • Pray that the good news about Jesus will be heard, understood and believed.
  • Pray for the Christians in those countries, that they would be strong in their faith and work hard to share the good news about Jesus with others around them.