Children's Challenge30 March – 5 April 2015

The story so far

I wonder if you know what the word ‘justice’ means. It means that things are fair for everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from. Jesus thought that treating people justly and fair was very important and in Luke chapter 18 he shared a story with his disciples to help explain this and explore it together. It’s some more great teaching from Jesus.

In chapter 19 we can read the story about Zacchaeus the tax collector. He had not been treating people very fairly – taking money from them and keeping it for himself. Read the story below to find out what happened when Zacchaeus met Jesus.

What do I read

Luke 19:1–9 

What do I think say or create

Zacchaeus (Creative Commons - Sweet Publishing)

Wow! Even though Zacchaeus didn’t always do the right thing, Jesus still wanted to eat with him and be his friend. He wants to be our friend as well, even when we don’t always make the wise choice.

After meeting Jesus, Zacchaeus was changed; he was sorry he had treated people unfairly and wanted to make it right. Look at the following scenarios and think about what you could do to make things right—you may like to act them out with your family or friends and then consider how Jesus can help change our thinking when we’re friends with him.

  • You forget to bring your lunch to school so take your sister’s lunch when she is not looking.
  • You break your friend’s toy and blame your classmate for it.
  • You ignore your mum when she asks you to clean your room.
  • You say something mean about someone else and everyone laughs at them.

Image courtesy of Sweet Publishing used under Creative Commons licensing