Children's Challenge16–22 March 2015

The story so far

As we read our way through the Gospel of Luke, we have again looked at Jesus’ birth and the excitement and celebration that surrounded this announcement and event. Jesus then grows up and begins his ministry (we have explored some of Jesus’ ministry and teaching as we have gone through Matthew and Mark) that includes lots of great teaching, miracles and people being healed from many things. There are lots of cool passages and illustrations throughout the four Gospels that talk about important things that God wants us to understand, so make sure that you get the opportunity to explore more of those with others in your family or church

There were a number of people who kept asking Jesus this question, ‘Teacher, what must I do to have eternal life?’ The passage that we are going to look at today is an important parable that Jesus told about who our neighbours are, not neighbours in the sense of those that live next door to us but those who we need to love and care for. This is an important passage that helps us to understand how Jesus wants us to live and treat others around us. 

What do I read

Luke 10:25-37 

What do I think say or create

Paper chains (Creative Commons: Abbey Hendrickson)

This passage is pretty clear about how God wants us to treat, love and care for others.

  • If you were in this situation how you would feel if there were those who just walked by you and didn’t stop to help you.
  • Remember that you want to love others the way that you want to be loved and cared for.
  • Create a paper chain of people linked together or draw outlines of a line of people joined together.
  • Add the names of some people you know that you want to show more love and care to this week. Pray for them as you are decorating your creation.

Paper chain photo courtesy of Abbey Hendrickson