Children's Challenge16–22 November 2015

The story so far

Peter finishes his first letter by encouraging followers of Jesus to live with love and care, and show compassion for others especially when they face hard times and others might treat them badly. He reminds them that even Jesus, who is God’s son, was treated badly by others but he had great love and care for all. 

If we want a healthy and growing body we need to eat the rights foods and exercise. Just as our bodies grow when we take care of them, our faith can grow when we nurture and take care of it. Peter describes some of the things we can do to make sure our faith is strong and growing. 

What do I read

2 Peter 1:3-11 

What do I think say or create

When you have read the passage, reread it and this time underline all the things Peter says we should be adding to our faith to make it strong (clue: there are seven). Adding these things to our faith will help it grow strong and healthy – just as healthy food helps our bodies grow strong and healthy.

  • In the middle of a large paper plate, write the word ‘Faith’.
  • Choose seven healthy foods that help your body grow strong. Using coloured paper, draw then cut them out. On each one write a different word you underlined from the Scripture.
  • Stick the drawings around your paper plate.
  • Share what you have made with someone, explaining how we can keep our faith strong and healthy.