Children's Challenge19–25 October 2015

The story so far

Since last time, we have skipped over a short letter that Paul wrote to a wealthy church member at Colosse, Philemon. He was encouraging him to forgive his runaway slave who had become a follower of Jesus and was going back to ask for forgiveness. This letter is only one chapter long but can help us think about how we might be challenged to forgive others. You might like to go back and have a look at what it has to say.

The next book is a letter to Jewish believers called ‘Hebrews’ and, while we don’t know who wrote this letter, it certainly has some important information to help us with our faith. This letter encourages us to think about how we GROW in our faith as we follow Jesus, rather than just staying right back at the beginning when we first learnt about him. It’s perhaps like how a baby grows up and doesn’t stay as a baby. Let’s have a look together.

What do I read

Hebrews 5:11-6:3 

What do I think say or create

This passage is certainly encouraging for us as we think about how we are growing with Jesus. Imagine if you stayed like a baby for your whole life, only drinking milk and not eating all the other good things that would help you to grow strong and healthy. Just as we need to look after our health so that we can grow and develop, we also need to look after our relationship with Jesus so that it, too, will grow and develop.

  • Take a sheet of paper and divide it into two.
  • On one side, write some words, draw some pictures or paste some pictures that you might like to cut out of food or things that will help you to grow and develop.
  • On the other side, do the same with things that will help you to grow and develop in your relationship with Jesus.