29 January 2015

Jesus teaches and welcomes children

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Discussion Questions

  • What would the benefits and difficulties be with adhering to this teaching (vv 3-12) on marriage and divorce?
  • Why would being rich make it harder to enter the Kingdom of God?

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Going Deeper  from 'Words of Life'

Children need cheerleaders. Many are bullied; victimised at school, at home, in their neighbourhoods. Some are molested, abused. Many live much of the time on their own, unprotected in many ways. They are vulnerable, often struggling for survival.

Youth and teenagers want their independence. they’re often forced to grow up before they are ready. They might experiment, sometimes in ways that are damaging to their well-being. We often don’t understand their actions and motivations (or lack of).

Whether we are parents or not, we all have a responsibility to look out for and love our children and youth. They are the future. Loving them should begin now. So how can we do this best?

Give them attention. This means spending time with them. It’s not necessarily the quantity but the quality of moments together that matters most. When with them, even if by phone or email, it’s to be all about them. Giving focused attention, letting them know we love, care and value them.

Give them affirmation. Encourage them. Let our young people know they are unique and unlike any other individual God has created. We must affirm their originality, innate talents or gifts and help them develop a hunger, taste and desire for spiritual things. To let them know they are valued in a wonderful way.

Give them appreciation. Children and youth may do some strange things.

Let’s just remember what we were like! As we communicate with them let’s show them appreciation, in a language they can understand. Words are powerful – capable of destroying or empowering. We must appreciate their individuality; appreciate who they are. Then simply love them.


Let’s do something special for a young person, showing them something of God’s extravagant love.

Beverly Ivany

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