28 October 2015
by Philip Layton

As High Priest Jesus entered the heavenly tabernacle on our behalf

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Discussion Questions

  • Is it true that only in the light of Jesus’ sacrifice can we make sense of the Old Testament sacrificial system (vv 23-28)?
  • Is verse 27 a useful response to those who believe in reincarnation?

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Going Deeper From 'Words of Life'

The gospel surprises us, even shocks us, over and again. For what one might expect, the opposite is true. Or what one doesn’t expect is ultimate reality. I recently read of a prankster who broke into a department store at night to play a trick (admittedly, not a good idea!). Although he had no intention of stealing anything (which still doesn’t justify his actions), he just wanted to ‘stir things up’ a little – cause a little excitement – so he rearranged the price tags in various areas. When the store opened the next morning, customers were delighted that expensive jewellery was priced so low! And so on it went.

After reading this I thought of the gospel. Grace and mercy received, when we don’t deserve it. God’s love given, even after sinning against him.

The writer of Hebrews wanted the people to know Jesus personally. For it’s not about our intellect or status. It’s about our heart; our ability to receive love and, in turn, show it to others. Today, may we humbly bow before Christ, Mediator of the new covenant; giving him thanks – just for who he is.

Beverly Ivany

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