28 January 2015
by Philip Layton

The Transfiguration

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Discussion Questions

  •  What is the difference between being childish and being childlike?

  • Take time to dwell on verse 10 and all its implications for you and others.

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life'

‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry.’ Many of us have grown up in a culture which has adopted this famous quote from Erich Segal’s book, Love Story, which became a popular movie. If we don’t have to say we are sorry, then we don’t have to forgive either. And if we take this to heart, our world will be more messed up than it is already.

As far as Christianity is concerned, without personal forgiveness there can be no relationship with Jesus. Without a forgiving spirit, there can be no growth in Christ. No holiness. No Christlikeness. Many of us hold back forgiveness because of pride. We think a person is ‘undeserving’ – for they have hurt us, wounded us. Maybe it is not the first time. Yet if we refuse to forgive, our Father – just like the master in this parable – will deal with us harshly. How many times, then, are we to forgive? 

‘I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times’ (v 22).

I read of a man being released from prison, ready to return home. He sent a letter to his family, seeking forgiveness for deeply hurting them. In the letter he asked them to put a ribbon on the tree in front of their house if he was welcome being back home. If he saw it, he would get off the bus. If there was no ribbon, he would continue on – and would understand.

The day came. The bus approached his home. The tree was filled with ribbons – at least 77 of them!

Billy Graham writes: ‘I can’t live the Christian life. Christ has to live it in me, through me. That’s why he has given us the Holy Spirit.’ Forgiveness is only possible through the Spirit.


Lord, help me to always remember you have forgiven me – so I can forgive others. Thank you for the ‘ribbons’ tied to the tree of life!

Beverly Ivany
'He sought me' performed and produced by Gary Rose


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