27 February 2015

The triumphal entry and Jesus’ anger at the Temple. His authority is questioned

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Discussion Question

  • How useful would it be to memorise and practise the two greatest commandments?

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Going Deeper –  from 'Words of Life'

Widows had a very tough time surviving in Jesus’ day. They had to seek whatever work they could find to sustain themselves. When their husbands died, they lost not only their spouse but also a certain sense of worth and dignity. They no longer belonged to anyone. Later on, according to Acts 6:1, widows received a daily distribution of food. But before this took place it was a desperate situation. Many were exploited and became part of the ‘disadvantaged’ fabric of society. It was not easy for widows at all!

Jewish people were encouraged to always give money to God in support of the Temple. One day Jesus sat, watching as the crowd came to put their money into the Temple treasury. One person stood out for him. He knew she must have been a widow, probably because of the way she dressed. She was diminutive in stature, humble in the way she approached the Temple. She put in two very small coins, worth hardly anything at all.

Jesus called his disciples, wanting to teach them – and therefore us also – some important lessons.

First, people will be truly blessed if they give. Second, we need to give our all to the Lord. Third, it’s all about the heart.

This poor widow had given everything she had. She gave out of her poverty, and we are to do likewise.

It’s never an ideal time to give, we think. We need money when the children are young to get them established. We need it later when we’re trying to help with their education. When looking towards retirement, we need ample savings when there’s no steady income. When much older, we need money to make sure we’re cared for and not dependent upon others.

The poor widow gave all she had. She trusted God – completely – as she gave from the heart. How much do we trust God? And how much are we willing to give to him?

Beverly Ivany

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