26 March 2015
by Philip Layton

SheepJesus uses parables to describe the importance of every lost soul

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Discussion Questions

  • How much priority do you give to helping others become saved too (vv 1-10)?
  • Once a lost sheep or coin has been found, is it possible for that sheep or coin to become lost again?
  • Who do you think the father and two sons represent (vv 11-32)?

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life'

My grandchildren love to play hide-and-seek. It’s a fun game to play, no question. And when the ‘lost’ one is found, there are always squeals of delight! Then, they want to do it all over again. However, when we are really lost, it’s no game; and it’s definitely no fun at all.

When we have strayed from what we know is right and of God, it‘s no laughing matter. But when we are found by him, it is truly a wonderful thing indeed:

The Saviour sought and found me,
Far from the narrow way;
He made my blinded eyes to see
On that wonderful, wonderful day.
(SASB 386 v 1)

The world wants to blind us from all truth. Satan would have us fall into sin, over and over again. This sin causes us to experience shame and guilt, robbing us of any song that might still linger in our heart.

The great hymnwriter Sidney E. Cox reminds us that God longs for us to come back to him. For Christ longs to take away all our sin and wash us completely clean, bringing back the ‘melody’ once lost:

My sin was red like crimson,
He washed it all away;
He filled my heart with melody
On that wonderful, wonderful day. (v 3)

Perhaps this happened for us years ago, when we were ‘found’ by the Lord. Perhaps we have been renewed by the Spirit recently. Whatever the case, let us celebrate the profound truth that Christ sought us out – and found us.

What a wonderful day! 
He sought me, he sought me,
When I was wandering far away;
He found me, he found me,
O what a wonderful day! (refrain)

Beverly Ivany

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