25 March 2015


Jesus interprets the Sabbath and teaches through more parables

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Discussion Questions

  • How do you interpret the great banquet (vv 15-24)?
  • In a Jewish context verse 26 means to love less. Is this a helpful interpretation?

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life'

On the way Jesus was not alone. He had three levels of companionship with him. There were the crowds, always watching, always needy. There were the disciples, close by but not always comprehending. Then there was Jesus’ inner circle – Peter, James and John, the attentive friends who shared some of his most intimate moments, such as on the Mount of Transfiguration (see Luke 9:28).

It is great to be part of a movement or a fellowship of people all heading in the same direction. But as pilgrims we also need one or two or three close friends to encourage us and hold us accountable and with whom we can share our hearts.

One of the most remarkable friendships in the Old Testament is that between David and Jonathan. Jonathan was the son of King Saul. David was only a shepherd but he was destined to one day replace Saul as king. In spite of the differences in status between these two young men, their friendship was a delight to them both, open and mutual. But when Saul’s jealousy over David’s popularity with the people reached breaking point, David had to say goodbye to Jonathan and flee for his life (see 1 Samuel 20:41, 42).

A remarkable friendship in the New Testament is that of Mary and Elizabeth – one young, full of energy and enthusiasm, the other old, wise and steady, both surprised to be pregnant. How greatly these two women must have helped each other as they prepared to give birth, one to the Son of God, the other to his forerunner.

Every Mary needs an Elizabeth, every David needs a Jonathan, every Elijah needs an Elisha, every Naomi needs a Ruth, every Timothy needs a Paul. Every pilgrim needs other companions on the way because discipleship is tough, costly and at times very lonely. Can we do it? Yes, with companions to love us and pray for us, we can!

We are pilgrims on a journey,
We are brothers on the road;
We are here to help each other
Walk the mile and bear the load

Beverly Ivany and Richard Gillard

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