25 February 2015

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Prediction about Jesus’ death and resurrection

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Discussion Question

  • Jesus’ teaching on divorce may seem rather strict to some and perfectly normal to others. What do you think?

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Going Deeper –  from 'Words of Life'

As Training Principal at The Salvation Army’s International Training College, the then Colonel Harry Read often said, ‘We have a goodly inheritance.’ At that point in time I didn’t properly understand what he was speaking about. Now, a few decades later, I begin to realise something of this is ‘a good inheritance’ (Psalm 16:6 RAV). All members of our family are beneficiaries of God’s grace, his undeserved favour. It’s not something we have consciously worked for, yet it has been granted in good measure and to overflowing.

Perhaps, as children, we just enjoy the benefits of our inheritance rather than trying to calculate how we ever come to receive it. We smell the roses along the way. Eternal life is not just in the future; it is a here-and-now experience, a relationship of trust with our God, who alone is good.

Verse 17 says, ‘As Jesus started on his way…’. This journey involves God being in control. Along the way Jesus meets with questioning people. The rich young man had already started on his spiritual journey since he was well versed in the Torah, the Law of God. He had rigorously kept the Commandments since he was a boy. But this man is not willing to let go of his wealth. He is possessed by his possessions.

Here is the one person in the Gospel who, after meeting Jesus, goes away sad. Keeping the Law was one thing, but Jesus wanted the man to learn about giving away, exercising grace to others. A ‘goodly inheritance’ is not simply a ‘law’ thing, it is a gift passed on from generation to generation.

Eternal life is not just about destination, it’s also the experience that this journey with God creates.


Lord, may our children and grandchildren never despise their goodly inheritance in Christ, and may we realise that our riches are given to share.

Beverly Ivany

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