23 March 2015
by Philip Layton


Jesus teaches the parable of the rich fool and the need to be ready for Heaven

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Discussion Questions

  • Many thousands were flocking to see Jesus. Could this have been as a result of the ministry of the ‘72’ in Luke chapter 10?
  • Verse 7 says ‘don’t be afraid’. Is this compatible with the advice about fearing God in the preceding verses?
  • What is the teaching of verses 35-46?

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Going Deeper 

A glad spender

I want to be a glad spender, Lord,
    a glad spender of my time and strength,
    giving instead of withholding,
    sowing instead of wanting to reap.

Don't let me be a miser, Master,
    cuddling myself to myself,
    careful of eery effort,
    counting each step,
    hoarding my physical resources
for the demands of a tomorrow that might never come.

Make me a glad spender, Lord:
    joyously giving my love and care,
    opening the sluice-gates of my small reserves,
    pouring out what little I have to give
    without measure of stint,
    without anxious debate,
    and trusting you for tomorrow.

Don't let me shelter myself in a glass case,
 fearful lest the light of day should fade me,
    dreading that the hand of time should touch me,
    shrinking from effort that might drain me,
    saving myself up... for what?
    To look nice in my coffin?

Let me give what I have to give with open hands,
offering myself to you each day for service,
happy to be used as long as life shall last,
living for you as a glad spender.

    For at the end, Lord,
    you will not ask me what I have saved,
    but what I have given.

From Just a moment, Lord by Flora Larsson

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