22 September 2015
by Philip Layton


Paul reminds the Thessalonians about the Resurrection and the Rapture

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Discussion Question

  • What do you think the ‘day of the Lord’ in verse 2 refers to? Sunday, the Rapture, the Resurrection, the second coming of Christ, or the last days before God’s final judgement?

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Going Deeper From 'Words of Life'

Have you ever been part of a revival? Wouldn’t a worldwide revival be spectacular – to begin right now! Could it be that God has a revival in store for The Salvation Army, and the Church universal?

These final verses of Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians give the basic ingredients for a revival:

Respect others (v 12). This includes our leaders, for there must be obedience to the will of God.

Hold others in high regard (v 13). Deeply love one another.

Encourage one another (v 14). A word of encouragement lifts the spirit. We are to help, not hinder, one another.

Help the weak (v 14). Give support, rather than criticise.

Be patient with everyone (v 14). We are to walk with one another.

Be kind (v 15). Kindness goes a long way, for it shows God’s love.

Be joyful (v 16). Allow God’s love to shine through us.

Pray continually (v 17). Be in communion with God.

Give thanks in all circumstances (v 18). Thank God for the good things; also the not so good things. He is with us.

Don’t put out the Spirit’s fire (v 19). Allow the Spirit to do his work in us, and within his Church.

Adhere to the things of God (v 20). Listen to those anointed by God.

Listen attentively to the Spirit (v 21). He alone illumines the truth.

Do what is good (v 21). Let our actions be prompted by God’s voice.

Stay away from evil (v 22). Ask for God’s protection.

Be sanctified (v 23). Be blameless – body, mind, spirit.

Surrender totally to God (v 24). Be open to God’s leading, always.


Lord, help me to embrace these ingredients for revival. I surrender all to you. Revive me as well as your Army, your Church, I pray.

John Gowans

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