20 May 2015


The amazing story of Saul meeting Jesus 

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Discussion Questions

  • Saul, a devout Jew, knew all about Jesus, but persecuted him and later worshipped him. Was this conversion or a calling? If conversion – from what? If a calling – to what?
  • Although the Church spread through persecution, it was strengthened by a period of peace (v 31). How might this enhance our understanding of contemporary issues faced by the Church and individuals?

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life'

It was revolutionary thinking for the Jewish people – to believe Jesus was the promised Messiah. Then, after he ascended to heaven, to have faith to believe Jesus was truly the Son of God. But many believed it all to be true. And they wanted to emulate him, in every way possible. To be like him.

It’s transformational thinking for us today, to leave behind a secular lifestyle in order to be like Jesus. For it’s a new way of thinking; a life of humility, sacrifice, service, giving. But then, a life of holiness? Being Spirit-filled? For some, it’s just far too much.

It’s about faith, conversion, deep spirituality, a relationship. The Salvation Army has written a number of musicals. Spirit is one of these, based on the early church. A simple chorus comes from it:

To be like Jesus! This hope possesses me,
In every thought and deed, this is my aim, my creed;
To be like Jesus! This hope possesses me,
His Spirit helping me, like him I’ll be.

(SASB chorus 107)

To be like Jesus! It’s possible only by his Spirit.

Saul, persecutor of the early Christians, had an encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. It was like no other, for God knew Saul was to be the one who would spread the good news of Jesus to so many – including the Gentiles. Before he could be used of God, Saul needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit. After being blinded, he eventually received his ‘sight’ – both physically and spiritually. He then, as Paul, wanted to be like Jesus. The same is possible for us all!

Beverly Ivany
Photo courtesy freebibleimages.org

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