20 April 2015
by Philip Layton

Light in the world

Jesus rescues the adulteress and makes more claims about his divinity

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Discussion Questions

  • What do you think they were going to accuse Jesus of (v 6)? If he agreed with their interpretation of the Law, were they hoping his compassion would override it?
  • What do you think Jesus might have been writing in the sand (vv 6-8)?
  • Some may say that proving Jesus’ divinity is a big part of John’s Gospel (vv 58, 59). Can these verses help with proclaiming the gospel today?

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life'

Many people today choose to walk in darkness. There is violence, abuse and crime in most of our cities and communities. They are all around us, and always have been. This is why Jesus came into the world – to bring light. To bring a sense of hope when there is so much pain, fear and despair.

It does not mean, necessarily, that nothing bad will ever happen to us. After all, we live in a world where Satan prowls, night and day. But it does mean that if we believe in Jesus – the Light of the World – that we can, no matter the circumstance, walk in his light. It’s our choice: darkness or light.

Many of us have read or seen William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. The opening line of a famous soliloquy says: ‘To be, or not to be, that is the question.’ It’s about making a choice. Choosing to live, or not to live. In this case, as Hamlet continues, making a choice because of all the hardships life presents. In the end, Hamlet comes to the conclusion that it is better to live; mainly because most are afraid of dying and because, according to Hamlet, there is so much uncertainty about what lies beyond death.

The Light of the World, Jesus himself, tells us that the choice  really should be quite simple. To be  in God’s light or not  to be in his light; to believe in the Light of the World or not to believe in him. To choose life over death. Is there really any question?


Lord, help us to always make wise choices. To choose light over darkness. To put our faith in you alone. Thank you for bringing light into the world.

May we be there for others, to show them a better way. Thank you, again, for being the Light of the World!

Beverly Ivany

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