19 May 2015


Some of Philip’s ministry is described. Saul sets out to destroy the Early Church

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Discussion Questions

  • Does God sometimes allow evil so as to encourage good (v 4)?
  • What can verses 15-17 teach us about the nature of baptism, prayer and the laying on of hands?
  • How do you interpret verses 39 and 40 when Philip is taken away and then appears elsewhere

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life'

Philip: My exciting story

I was called to be a deacon, a church leader – one of the Seven. We were to help the poor; to basically do what was required of us. What an honour to have been chosen as a leader! But before long, I was witness to the stoning of my co-worker, Stephen. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Standing on the sidelines was Saul, agreeing to everything that was taking place. I had such hatred for that man.

Then later, I got wind that he’d become a Christian! Apparently he was completely transformed – given the new name of Paul. I have to be honest, I was very sceptical at first. But I finally saw God’s plan in it all – seeing how all things do  work together for good – when it’s of God. My bitterness against him left.

One day, I was visited by an angel! He told me to go south toward the Gaza desert. I’d just been evangelising in a city in Samaria, where there were so many people. Now, go to a desert? But I trusted God and went. On the way I met an Ethiopian eunuch – an important official in charge of all the treasury of Candace, the queen of Ethiopia. I noticed he was reading from Isaiah. When I approached him, he said he didn’t understand any of it.

The eunuch ordered his driver to stop the chariot so I could climb in and explain to him what Isaiah was saying when he prophesied about the suffering Saviour – and his glorious victory over death. As I talked, the Ethiopian – right there and then – opened his heart to the Lord Jesus. He was saved! He made his confession of faith.

Who was I to lead the people in that city of Samaria to Christ? Or to lead this rich man to Jesus? I was no superstar. But I made myself available. That’s all God wants of us. All are needed to be willing, to be used of God. 

The world needs to be evangelised by people like you and me. It can begin with inviting someone for tea. Are you up for the challenge?

Beverly Ivany

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