19 February 2015

Loaves and fish

John the Baptist is beheaded, Jesus feeds 5,000

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Discussion Questions

  • Do you recognise the ways in which God uses those closest to you (vv 1-6)?
  • Jesus not only met but also overwhelmingly surpassed the needs of the 5,000. What can you learn for yourself from this event?

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Going Deeper –  from 'Words of Life'

The elders and the scribes ‘took offence’ (v 3) at all Jesus was teaching in the synagogue. Where did he gain this knowledge, this wisdom? Wasn’t he merely a carpenter? Jesus, who created  wood in the very beginning, became a worker  of wood. A carpenter – following in the footsteps of his earthly father: ‘Isn’t this the carpenter’s son?’ (Matthew 13:55).

It’s interesting to watch children imitating their parents, in both what they say and what they do. For they want to be just like them. Following in their footsteps. This is why parenting plays such a crucial role in the lives of young people; why we all  are to live Christlike lives. Lives that are holy and pure. We must always remember: people, even young children, are watching us. As a young boy, Jesus no doubt watched his father Joseph.

He would have seen him working with wood. But, of even more importance, he would have watched Joseph’s life as he lived for God. Jesus probably took wood in his hands as a youngster, perhaps making little toys – maybe even to share with his friends. As he grew older, he was known as a carpenter himself. We all have various occupations and vocations. We are to use whatever gifts God has given to us, working with integrity; then to live as an example for others – so they can see Christ in us.

Jesus was a carpenter. One day, he would sacrifice himself on a wooden cross – for our salvation. Can we ever thank him enough for all he has done for us, and continues to do in our lives?


Jesus, help me to live a life of integrity; to be an example for young and old. Thank you for dying for me, and for my salvation.

Beverly Ivany
Photo courtesy of FreeBibleImages.org

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