18 December 2015
by Philip Layton


Satan knows his time is running out as he attacks those who trust in Jesus

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Discussion Questions

Having read this chapter prayerfully, try to answer the following questions to the best of your ability and instincts:

  • Who is the dragon?
  • Who is the male child born to the woman?
  • Who is the woman with 12 stars on her head?

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Going Deeper From 'Words of Life'

As we read Revelation we soon become acutely aware of the spiritual warfare that exists all around us. Satan is in continual conflict with God and his people. It has become a hostile world in which we live, for many love and serve the enemy.

The woman described in today’s Scripture passage is about to give birth. But Satan, full of jealousy, will seek to destroy the male child, once born.

Then we have the dragon. Satan, ‘who leads the whole world astray’ (v 9). He is depicted here with seven heads, each with a regal crown. One day soon he will have political authority. The 10 horns signify absolute power. His tail, which he uses as a weapon, influences the world as it sweeps over the nations. The dragon will control the affairs of the world, as people turn their backs on God. There will be political and social disasters that will plague the world because of this rebellion.

War breaks out in Heaven as Michael and the angels fight the dragon and his angels. The outcome? The dragon fails to kill the woman and child.

Finally, the beasts. One is from the sea, the other from the earth. The first has seven heads and ten horns. It’s a powerful empire – evil incarnate in a nation. The second beast works in partnership with the first, for both serve the dragon, Satan. This second beast has two horns, imitating the two horns of a lamb – like Christ. He deceitfully gains power by appealing to the religious and economic needs of the people. Behind him lies the authority of Hell. His number is 666.


This is heavy, terrifying reading, Lord. I don’t even comprehend most of it! And so, my Jesus, clear my mind and heart. Fill me today with your love, your grace, your peace – so others may see something of you in me. Lord Jesus, I want to be faithful to you, always. Help me not to let you down, in any way, I pray.

Beverly Ivany

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