18 September 2015
by David Giles


Paul congratulates the Thessalonians for their progress

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Discussion Questions

  • Who is ‘the tempter’ (v 5)?
  • What would be your weaknesses if the tempter were to attack you?
  • How can you guard against this?

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Going Deeper From 'O Lord'

Thank you for Love,
For it makes sense of life
And gives it meaning.
Without it life is
Pointless pain and
Senseless scheming.

A man unloved
Is not worth very much.
He hobbles through life
On a broken crutch.
But when he knows
That someone really cares,
He holds himself erect,
He acts, he dares! 

Thanks for your Love;
It brings us hope again;
Makes beaten cripples
Into noble men!

John Gowans

Tags: 1 Thessalonians