18 August 2015
by Philip Layton

Leafy glade

Paul gives final warnings, and then greetings

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Discussion Question

  • Sound advice for Christians – aim for perfection; listen to Scripture’s appeal; be of one mind; live in peace (v 11). How can we achieve this?

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Going Deeper From 'O Lord, Not More Verse!'

Amazed that from the mass of men you call me,
O Christ divine,
Of timeless truth to be your true proclaimer,
This call is mine;
Sent by yourself, devoted to your cause,
In word, in deed, in truth,
Sincerely yours! 

Convinced that you have chosen me to serve you,
And you alone,
All other claims upon my time, my talents,
I now disown;
Deaf to the world’s disdain or its applause,
In word, in deed, in truth,
Sincerely yours! 

I dedicate my all to you,
What you dictate I’ll gladly do,
And where you send with joy I’ll go,
Your promised presence daily know.
Devoted to your cause,
Sincerely yours!

John Gowans

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