17 September 2015
by Philip Layton


Paul reminds the church of his last visit and his eagerness to visit again

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Discussion Questions

  • What is ‘the word of God’ (v 13)?
  • Do you think Paul believed that Satan is real (v 18)?
  • What do you believe, and why?

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Going Deeper From 'Words of Life'

The Thessalonians received God’s Word as truth. They didn’t challenge it; they didn’t question if it was for real. From the very beginning they knew it came from God. Yet life still wasn’t easy for them. They endured much suffering for the sake of the gospel:

You suffered from your own countrymen (v 14).

However, the Thessalonians remained full of grace. Paul knew this, for he received a report from Timothy – a report that spoke of their steadfast love under severe trials; which revealed their faith, their love, bringing much joy to Paul’s heart:

But Timothy … has brought good news about your faith and love (3:6).

Even through their many difficulties and suffering, they remained strong in their faith – having joy and peace in their hearts.

In 2012, the United Nations produced a first-ever World Happiness Report, looking at 58 countries and weighing up five important facets of life: family, good health, income, sense of freedom and lack of corruption.

Countries were rated and, surprisingly, those considered poor were generally ranked as being ‘happier’ than countries with great wealth – for these latter countries had much crime, corruption and greed. The report ended by saying: ‘Happiness varies more with the quality of relationships than income. A lot of things that produce happiness don’t take any resources at all.’

We would add that only one resource  is really needed, and this is found in Christ Jesus – bringing us joy, happiness, fulfilment, inner peace. May we live for him, and him alone, today.

Beverly Ivany

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