16 June 2015
by Philip Layton

Snake (David Cook - Creative Commons)

Paul survived a snakebite in Malta and finally arrived in Rome

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Discussion Questions

  • Note how quickly people changed their minds about Paul (vv 4-6).
  • Paul was encouraged by seeing other Christians (v 15). Are you an encourager?
  • Some believed the gospel and others did not (v 24). Was Paul’s ministry successful? How do you judge your success at sharing the gospel?

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Going Deeper From 'O Lord'

If I have any voice, it’s yours, Lord; use it
To tell of your compassion and your care;
To talk of new beginnings, resurrections,
Announce your patient kindness everywhere. 

If I have any strength, it’s yours, Lord; use it
To work for others, careless of the strain;
To carry heavy burdens for my brothers,
And when they fall to lift them up again. 

If I have any tears, they’re yours, Lord; use them
To take away the hurts that others feel;
To demonstrate the depths of your compassion,
And touch the hearts that only you can heal. 

If I have any gifts, they’re yours, Lord; use them
For God’s sole glory … not for my applause;
The talents I may have I never earned, Lord;
You gave them to me once, and they’re still yours! 

General John Gowans (Rtd)
Photo by David Cook Photography (used under Creative Commons licence)

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