16 April 2015


Jesus feeds the 5,000, walks on water and calls himself the Bread of Life

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Discussion Questions

  • Verses 53-59 may give the impression that some form of cannibalism is being proposed. Is this true or is Jesus referring to his title of being the Bread of Life in response to verses 30 and 31?
  • Does verse 35 help you to understand what ‘eating’ and ‘drinking’ mean within this conversation?

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life'

Life is essential; without it, we have nothing. Yet many people waste their lives, failing to bring forth fruit. They put constant blame upon others for their circumstances. Because of various attitudes, often their lives become miserable and depressing.

Life is about the physical world; but it is also about the spiritual world. We must bring a certain balance to our lives in all we do, so that one aspect does not take over the other. It is important to have shelter, food, work; but there is so much more to life than this.

Jesus was surprised at the response of the people, and their incapacity to understand the meaning of eternal life. They enjoyed eating the loaves and fishes he provided for them; but there was more to life than eating. Food is not the source of real life. The Spirit gives life; the Spirit is, in fact, the source of all life.

The goodness of life lies entirely with God. The Holy Spirit, when we accept Christ as our Saviour, permeates our being – making our life whole. This is what true life is all about. Because of our faith in Christ, we will live eternally. There may be hardships and trials, but we will be able to cope if we obey him and rely on his Spirit.

That we have such a wonderful God is hard to comprehend! He simply asks us to meditate upon him, and to trust him with the difficult and challenging times.

When we live by faith in him, the Spirit of God will give us strength, day by day, to cope with all that happens. The Holy Spirit is the source of life. Despite our fragile flesh and fleshly desires, if we put our trust in Christ his Spirit becomes the fountain of life and strength for us. He is our Source, our Life!


O God, Holy Spirit, I give you my life. Abide in me always, and help me to know daily your strengthening support.

Beverly Ivany

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