16 February 2015
by Philip Layton

Abstract image (Richard Graniczny, Creative Commons)

Jesus heals on the Sabbath, is recognised by more evil spirits and calls the Twelve

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Discussion Questions

  • Why do you think Jesus gave the evil spirits strict orders not to reveal who he was?
  • Test yourself. Can you name each disciple?

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Going Deeper –  from 'Words of Life'

After plunging straight into Jesus’ public ministry in Galilee, Mark writes of Jesus appointing the Twelve. They were the ones who’d not only have the task of ministering with Jesus, but also be responsible for sharing the good news with others. Servants of the Servant.

They were appointed to be ‘with him’, for they had to know him well before sharing with others. As they came to know him, they became equipped to preach, heal, encourage. The message of Jesus was to be disseminated to the masses, those in need of the Saviour.

We’re to be servants: in our communities, towns and cities. Servants, working together in the name of the Servant. It was a different ideology than that of the Pharisees; for the essence behind the Pharisees was based on separation from others. The very name Pharisee means ‘separated one’. The essence behind the Christian faith binds one to another – living with and for each other.

Jesus chose a very mixed group of men, expected to live and work closely together. No doubt they had their moments of disagreement and tension. Yet I’m sure they also had some amazing, indescribable times – as servants of the Servant.

Imagine with me some of their experiences: dangling their feet in the water, speaking of the Master; laughing so hard that the tears streamed down their faces; praying together, recounting people being healed, restored, forgiven; smelling the grass as they sat listening to the Servant speak; staring out over the Sea of Galilee, talking about transformation.

Jesus wants us to be united in purpose and mission. To realise we’re all called as we work and minister together. Partnering with one another as we bond together, reaching out to a world in such desperate need of Christ. As we do this, it will strengthen and encourage us. Most of all, it will please the Servant’s heart!

Beverly Ivany
Artwork: Richard Graniczny (Creative Commons licensing)


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