16 January 2015


The Twelve (disciples) are named and then sent on an evangelical mission

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Discussion Question

Just one question to conclude this second week of Boundless - The Whole World Reading...

Are verses 32 and 33 a challenge or a comfort for Christians today?

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Going Deeper - from Words of Life

A major part of Jesus’ ministry was healing people who were sick or demon-possessed. He even raised the dead. Many were amazed at the miracles, but there were teachers of the Law who claimed Jesus was ‘blaspheming’ (see 9:3). They provided mixed reactions – tension.

There was much need, and Jesus sought out a ministry team . He selected 12 men: followers – well, 11 of them! – who would be the core leadership of the New Testament Church. All were given distinct purposes, positions and performance expectations. You think they would be well-trained, highly skilled, well-educated individuals. But they were simply ordinary men – sent out to do extraordinary things in the name of Christ.

God still calls men and women, ordinary people, to be part of his team. People who have hearts for the mission of Jesus.

Who is needed? Everyone! Some of us may think we are not informed enough, or are too old. God needs all  people on his team. What is needed? Willing hearts – simple as that! People who have the strong desire from within to see others come to believe in Christ.

Why be part of the team? This is what we are called to do, by Christ himself. We are either for him or against him: 

‘Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven’ (vv 32, 33).

Will we be active team players? May God equip us and use us all.


Lord Jesus, I declare once again my love for you. Help me to seize opportunities in reaching out to others – declaring your love for them. Renew in me a passion for your mission and ministry, I pray.

Beverly Ivany

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