14 January 2015
by Philip Layton


Jesus’ healing power and an example of his power over nature

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Discussion questions

  • In what way was the centurion’s faith greater than others?
  • This chapter recalls Jesus’ healing power, his power over nature and the supernatural. Has there been anyone before or since who has evidenced such powers?
  • Imagine if someone claimed to be divine today. What sort of evidence would we expect to see? Would it differ much from Jesus’ time?

Going Deeper – From 'Words Of Life'

William Woulds was attracted to Jesus through an open-air service in 1890. Soon after, in London, England, he was converted and became an officer in The Salvation Army. One day, after visiting someone seriously ill in hospital, the words of the refrain for this song came to him – while he thought of Christ as the great physician and healer:

Touch me again, touch me again,
Wonderful healer, touch me again.

(SASB 610)

Later, in 1928, the whole song was published. It speaks of us all needing God’s touch upon our lives:

Lord, here today my great need I am feeling;
Wilt thou not visit my soul once again?
I long to feel thy sweet touch and its healing;
Wonderful healer, touch me again.

It might be physical healing we need. For some it might be psychological or emotional healing. Yet for others it might be spiritual healing. We each need to receive ‘the blessing’ of God (v 2) upon our life. It is only when we are touched by our wonderful healer that we can truly be free. It’s only by his touch that we can be forgiven and cleansed, finding full salvation. So, together, let us sing this final verse and refrain – seeking a fresh touch of our Saviour upon our lives today:

Only in thee can I find liberation,
Cleansing and freedom from sin’s hidden stain;
Only in thee can I find full salvation,
Wonderful healer, touch me again.
Touch me again, touch me again,
Wonderful healer, touch me again.

Beverly Ivany
'Centurion and servant' courtesy freebibleimages.com

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