14 October 2015
by Philip Layton

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Further instructions on teaching

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Discussion Questions

  • Is this chapter applicable to all Christians, or just for teachers like Titus?
  • Can we legitimately substitute the words ‘master’ and ‘slave’ with ‘employer’ and ‘employee’ (vv 9, 10)?

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Going Deeper From 'Words of Life'

Titus, a young pastor, faces the assignment of setting things in order in the church of Crete. Sound leadership is crucial for a healthy church. To be sound in knowledge of the gospel; to be sound in one’s spiritual life. Also, it’s important for leaders to be fully aware of doctrine, so they can have an influence upon others. For it’s an understanding of salvation in the daily lives of both the leadership and the congregation itself that produces health. 

Little is known about the establishment of the church on the island of Crete. We’re told in Acts 2:11 that some Cretans were in Jerusalem for the Feast of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the apostles. They must have been among the 3,000 converts – who then went back to form the nucleus of the Cretan church. Even though the church there was no doubt small, they desired to move toward spiritual maturity.

No matter the size of the congregation numerically, its aim should be to have leaders who are mature in their faith – from the pastor to the Sunday-school teacher; from the music coordinator to the Bible-study leader. Knowledge of God’s truth is more than an intellectual exercise; it’s about living a godly life: people of spiritual integrity; leaders above reproach. Sound in leadership, sound in doctrine.

Few things are more important for the cause of Christ. When one’s faith is sound and one’s life is consistent, God then has an opportunity to accomplish his saving purpose in the world – whether on the island of Crete or right where we live at present. 


Contact at least one leader in your church today – by phone, letter, or email – and let them know you are upholding them in prayer.

Beverly Ivany

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